Can I apply Fiprex® on pups and kittens?

Yes, provided that they are not raised by their mother who could lick off the preparation when cleaning its children. Do not use the preparation in pups and kittens below 8 weeks of age and weighing less than 2 kg.

How does Fiprex® work?

Active substance contained in Fiprex® preparation blocks the parasites’ nervous system, it paralyses and eventually kills them. Paralysed parasite unhooks from its host skin and falls off the animal. This means that you do not have to remove ticks and risk the infection caused by the debris left on your skin.

How often does the product should be applied in dogs and cats?

Fiprex® effectively protects against fleas for 8 weeks and eliminates ticks for 4 weeks. You should remember that due to hygienic behaviours of cats, the preparation may be gradually licked off; bathing our pets may also impact the product’s term of use. Therefore, Fiprex® preparation should be used more often. Should you have any doubts or questions, contact your veterinarian.