How often does the product should be applied in dogs and cats?

Fiprex® effectively protects against fleas for 8 weeks and eliminates ticks for 4 weeks. You should remember that due to hygienic behaviours of cats, the preparation may be gradually licked off; bathing our pets may also impact the product’s term of use. Therefore, Fiprex® preparation should be used more often. Should you have any doubts or questions, contact your veterinarian.

Which any-tick preparation do you choose for the cat?

Fiprex® SPOT-ON droplets will be suitable for a cat.

How to get rid of cat’s fleas?

If you notice signs of fleas in your cat, report to your pet for advice to your veterinarian.

Use Fiprex® SPOT ON or Fiprex® SPRAY to protect your pet from fleas. Fiprex is an effective formulation against fleas.

What kind of preparation use for dogs weighing over 55 kg?

Dogs weighing over 55 kg should be given two tubes of Fiprex® L .

Why is it recommended to use anti-flea and anti-ticks preparations after prior consultations with the veterinarian?

Veterinarian should be the first and primary point of contact for a dog or cat owner in order to ensure good health of the animals. Veterinarian knows and understands the animal’s style of life, its health problems and living conditions, and thus will be able to recommend the most suitable product.

I have been using other anti-flea and anti-ticks preparations before. Do I have to read the Fiprex® leaflet?

Yes. Always when we buy a new product, especially a medicinal one, we should carefully read the leaflet which provides crucial instructions concerning the proper use and recommended administration methods. This will make the product use effective and safe.

Will the anti-flea and anti-ticks product be effective, right after the dog jumps into the water?

You should not bathe your dog 2 days before and 2 days after the preparation application. Contact with water after 2 days from application will not make the preparation non-effective, but there is a risk that its effectiveness will be reduced.

I have a cat and a dog in my house. I have applied the preparation on my dog. Can I treat my cat with what has left in the tube?

No. To treat the invasion of parasites in your dog effectively, you should use a packaging with the product that corresponds to its weight. The tube should be empty after the application.

I bath my dogs and cats regularly and quite often. How fast after the Fiprex® preparation application I can bathe my animals without the risk of removing the preparation?

Bathing your pet with a shampoo after application of the preparation, may wash out the active substance and there may be a need to apply the Fiprex® preparation once again. Basically, the animal should not be bathed 2 days before and 2 days after the application. Consult with your veterinarian, who will explain you in detail the mechanisms of active substance effects and the application conditions, so that your pet could be well protected all the time.

My dog wears a flea collar. May I still use Fiprex®?

Yes. Examinations prove that such use will not be harmful to your animal. On the other hand, users have not reported any increased effectiveness in comparison to the spot-on preparation used alone.

I have both a dog and a cat. I have several questions concerning Fiprex® preparation. Who should I contact with questions?

Veterinarian should be the first point of contact, always when it comes to health and safety of your pets. Should you have any questions about Fiprex® , contact the Responsible Entity: Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe Vet-Agro Sp. z o.o., located in Lublin at ul. Gliniana 32 , 20-616 Lublin. Company office: ul. Mełgiewska 18, 20-234 Lublin; or by e-mail: . Addresses, contact telephones and detailed information on the company products may be found at

Can I apply Fiprex® on pups and kittens?

Yes, provided that they are not raised by their mother who could lick off the preparation when cleaning its children. Do not use the preparation in pups and kittens below 8 weeks of age and weighing less than 2 kg.

How does Fiprex® work?

Active substance contained in Fiprex® preparation blocks the parasites’ nervous system, it paralyses and eventually kills them. Paralysed parasite unhooks from its host skin and falls off the animal. This means that you do not have to remove ticks and risk the infection caused by the debris left on your skin.